Sunday, March 29, 2020

In Memory of an Amazing woman

Hi all

This month we lost one of the most amazing women i have ever met. Catherine Hamlin.
I was lucky enough about 8 years ago to spend some time working in the hospital in Ethiopia, and got to also spend time and go to church with Catherine. It will always be a highlight in my life.

If you have seen photos of Ethiopia, the image is brown, dust, dirt, mud and death. In the middle of Addis Abbaba Catherine and her husband Reggi started the hospital by the river. There are flowers and gardens all around the hospital, it's like a little sanctuary. So when I saw these papers and flairs after hearing about Catherine's death on 18th March 2020 I decided to create this layout in her honour.

This is a photo taken in the hospital grounds towards the end of my stay in Ethiopia.

If you haven't heard of Catherine or the Hamlin Fistula Hospital, look her up, grab her book Hospital By The River, and grab your tissues, some/most of the stories are heartbreaking, but still happening.

So, not my usual post, but one that is important for me to share.

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