Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sketch Challenge Part 2 by Alex

Hello Flair Enthusiasts!

Alex here and I'm finally FINALLY (at long last) bringing you Part 2 of the sketch challenge which Heather and I did together...during October! 🙈

I know it's also December.  LATE December.  Soz, lovelies!  I actually had finished it over a month ago, but since I did a process video (and one with soooo much more raw footage than anticipated) editing has happened sporadically between other things.

It was actually rather involved and as usual I made it far more work than it needed to be!  But that's what I do. Every.Single.Time! 🤦

Heather really put me to the challenge with this sketch.  Definitely not my usual sort of style, but they don't call it a challenge for nothing, right?

I have no idea how I decided to use this sketch with this photo of my adorable niece on her very first Book Week.  I'm pretty sure there was a suitably convoluted train of thought with led to this decision, but overall I think it worked. 🤷

I do recommend you watch the process video (below) since I do go into that a little bit as well as walking you though how I made it.

Here are the still pics I promised you:

Title (with lots of messy threads! 😍)

"Tone on tone" embellishments and stitching detail

Fussy cut books embellished with tiny Wonder Woman stickers

Large book cut on the Silhouette

That name card that caused ever so much grief (and I still cant stick in s straight line despite multiple attempts! 🙈)

Lilya's First Book Week

Embellish With Flair product used: 

Pop! Boom! Kapow!

Thanks for sticking with me and hope the vid wasn't too frustrating!

Love, and as always, Embellish With Flair!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Art Journalling with Heather

Hi all
This month I thought I'd do some art journalling inspired by the amazing Tracy Scott.

It is layers of paints, stenciling, stamping and embossing. Then of course some fussy cutting of the beautiful flowers which show off the flairs perfectly.

I hope this has inspired you a little to grab out your paints and have some fun this holiday season.
Merry Christmas


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

By the Seaside with Heather

Hi all 
I have used this beautiful range from 49 and Market called "Seaside" to compliment the flairs this time.
I had fun adding layers with texture paste, colour paste, stencils, sprays and images from the range

These flairs can be found at

Friday, December 6, 2019

Quilter's Vibe - "Hello Limited Edition" by Alex

Hello Flair Enthusiasts!

Alex here and I do apologise that it has been some time since you had a project from me.  October and November proved to be tougher than this little Pink Mama. 😳

Anyway, today I'm sharing with you my project that I made for the Quilter's Vibe YouTube collaboration started by Sara Scraps.  It's traditionally the last Thursday of the month, except this month it was bumped a week because I wasn't the only one swamped! 😅

How it works is that the four(?) ladies who take part take turns picking out a quilt or quilt block, but something quilty which we can interpret in any way into a layout (and of course YouTube process video).

Here's my process video:

If you watch my video, you'll see how I managed to wreak havoc on a lovely, calm, understated inspiration piece and inject all kinds of crazy into it!  I also managed to use FOUR flair badges!😛 

Two from the "3 Tone Stars Pinks" set and two from the "3 Tone Stars Grey-Black" set, which fit my colours and fun vibe perfectly! 

I busted out some very precious and super "rare" paper from the vault (who remembers "Love, Elsie" by KI Memories??), managed to measure and cut wrong, change my mind several times and show a somewhat disturbing inability to count to nine.  🙈

In my defense, there was a tradie cutting floor tiles next door and not only can you hear his saw on the video, it never fails to give me a headache.  But it's life, right? 🤷

I have to say I don't often do grid-type layouts, but I have enjoyed them whenever a challenge has some my way.  Speaking of challenges, I still owe you (and Heather) Part ii of the October sketch challenge!  It's finished, but I need to edit the vid etc, so it should follow this one in a few days.

Here's the whole thing:

Hello Limited Edition

Embellish With Flair Product used:

3 Tone Stars Pinks

3 Tone Stars Grey-Black

Thanks for you patience and as always,

Love and Embellish With Flair

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Finally doing a boys layout- Heather

Hi all
This time I've tried a boys layout, and have to say that I am happy with the results.

This photo of my nephew was perfect for these papers. I added some paint and stencil work in the background to help add layers without using my usual girly flowers and tulle.

These holiday themed flairs are perfect for this layout

Thanks for spending time with me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A couple of quick cards

Hi all.

Well its that time of year where things get crazy and there isn't much time to get that last minute needed card done, and its the end of the year and our stash is running low.

So this time I've left my "more is more" theme behind and have made 2 cards that show how flairs are a great way to make a quick but still a nice and effective card that you can happily and proudly add to your gift.

These cards are also made very few things. They are just a white card base, some white cardstock, a random piece of patterned paper that I had in my stash, a couple of Darkroom Door stamp sets and some Wendy Vecchi water based inks that I have made the background with as well as used to watercolour the bird and butterfly. The cards are then are finished off with a complimentary sentiment and of course the Embellish With Flair flairs.
Now of course, these would also be very easy to add a lot more too if you have the extra time - maybe a couple of flowers, some ribbon/twine, some bling, more mixed media on the background rather than patterned paper - the possibilities are endless.

I hope that these were able to inspire you to create, even when you don't have a lot of to create.
Thanks again

Friday, November 1, 2019

Sketch Challenge 2

Hi all.
Here is my 2nd sketch challenge for this month.
I decided to do a masculine page, I dont do many masculine pages.
The background is done using clear crackle paste then rubbing brown ink into the cracks to help them stand out. The crackle paste has made my page curl a little, but I don't mind that.

I have used these cog chipboard pieces to be a platform for the flairs.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sketch Challenge Part 1 by Alex

Hello Flair Enthusiasts!

Alex here with another EWF project.

As you might have guessed from Heather's post, we're having a bit of a challenge here during the month of October. Heather and I have been holding down the fort of late, so we decided to throw each other a challenge to spice things up.  Crece wanted a sketch challenge this month anyway so #winning!

Heather and I each picked a sketch which each of us would make a project with.  The one Heather and I used this week was my pick.  It's by Clique Kits and a little different for me.
  It's one I wanted to use at some point anyway, but I thought the sketch itself really lent itself to using flair badges.

You can interpret this sketch quite literally and use circles as in the original, or replace them with any simple shape like hearts, triangles, stars etc.  The main reason I opted for circles is that the round shape emphasizes the shape of flair badges and tries to keep them as a main feature.  I'm not sure whether I succeeded in this respect given my style (which can only be described as "messy with a touch of psycho"! ).

If you check our Heather's interpretation, it's much more elegant.  Her post is immediately before this one.

Unfortunately I don't have a process video this week, but I'll see what I can do next time when Heather and I tackle her choice of sketch.

I decided to "lightly" stencil some gold stars first before layering the circles on top.  Since I decided to use punches, I was limited to the sizes I had.  Throwing in two sizes of pinked circles added interest and seemed like a happy medium between circles and stars.  My largest punch was smaller than the one in the sketch so while the placement is generally the same, it's not identical and there are more clusters of circles in my layout.

Next step was messy ink splatter.  I started with gold and while it looks lovely on darker colours, it wasn't giving the emphasis I wanted.  I added some navy after it dried and it helped a little bit.

Then I mixed some gold paints and painted some DIY star Thickers for some texture and dimension. 

I matted the photo block with lots of layers, which I was pleased to see in the sketch since I'd be doing it anyway!

The small shelf above the smaller photo was great for nesting the first part of the title...except I just couldn't find the right size and colour of alphas.  I'm glad I included the woodgrain among all he primary colour as a bit of a neutral (which is why I used kraft alphas here).  It also is a sort of a nod to the chair slats in the bokeh part of the larger photo.

I used a punch on some square stickers and trimmed down others.  Initially I thought the clear gold stickers would look better on white cardstock, but I changed my mind.  Using the stickers as they are just gives a subtle detail here and there.

There was this pack of puffy hearts I rediscovered in my stash a little while ago and I made good use of them and added navy enamel dots just because I could!  Overall I think I used less embellishment than I usually do, but I don't think I could have added more considering all the crazy colour and pattern going on.

As far as the flair itself went, I could have (and almost nearly DID) use a lot more, BUT I need to keep some for next week's project since it might just be Wonder Woman related again! My personal challenge was to mix together some oddball flairs which might have been the last in the pack.  I think the three work quite well together on this layout despite being more than a bit random!
 I journaled on the layout itself as I often do, but textured cardstock doesn't make it easy!

And here's the whole thing:

Coffee Always Tastes Better in a Cape

Embellish With Flair Product Used:

Emoji Love

3 Tone Stars Pinks

Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back soon to see what Heather challenges us with!

Love, and Embellish With Flair!

--Alex xx