Sunday, August 25, 2019

Rainbow of Possibilities by Alex

Hello lovely Flair Enthusiasts!

Alex here and I'm awfully sorry I'm late with this post, but I have a good reason I promise!

I have been meaning to revive my poor YouTube channel...all year. 😳😳😳

It has been languishing with just a few videos for the longest time and I've spent the last 10 days or so making videos for various assignments and battling technology dragons. 🐉

I am aiming to make videos a regular part of my creative process spread over my various Design Team and personal projects.  The quality of the set up and editing is not what I'd like, so it's a work in progress and only to get better.

So what did I make?  Well, as usual there is a story behind it (isn't there always?) and it starts with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  Click on the link to learn more (it will take you to their August challenge), but in a nutshell they provide inspiration based on a past kit club kit in order for people to be inspired to put together their own kit using stash,  It's a great way to breathe new life into older supplies.

Aaaanyway, my kits are always huge and it frustrates me.  If I like the kit I have no problem keeping it together and working from it even after the month is over.  It will be the case with this one since I started late in the month (I wasn't even intending to play along) and this layout I'm bringing you today is just the first one.

If you'd like to see my kit and read my thoughts on that (along with ANOTHER video 😮) here is the relevant post on my blog.

Today's project has a lot less paper than I'd normally use, and a lot more "stuff".  It often happens that my layouts take me along for the ride and they just do their own thing.  While it  definitely didn't turn out EXACTLY as I imagined, I'm actually really happy with it and pleased to use the flair in a different way.  I mixed up the various collections since I was working with colour and at the same time, motifs were critically important.

It was all about rainbows inspired by those gorgeous Oobi dresses my nieces are wearing.  The background paper from Shimelle's Glitter Girl line reminded me so much if them, and I wanted to scrapbook the Instax photo too.  I'm trying to mix the sizes up a little bit.

All the pieces in that huge rainbow mean something to me as they relate to my lovely nieces and I think there are EIGHT flair badges?  That's gotta be some kind of a record for one scrapbook page, no? 🤣. Here are some close ups of the embellishment rainbow:

I was also happy to add some things that I often pull out and end up putting back like those fabric tabs by Basic Grey.  I stitched them down at one end letting them still flap about.  You know by know I love colour and texture and using all-the-things.  Infact, this layout could just about be called all-

The journaling on the surface was about the dresses, but on a deeper level it went into how those dresses (and many other like them) are a reflection of how I feel about those girlies who are just pure sunshine and rainbows.  Everyone who meets them is enamored with them.  You can't come away grumpy after seeing them!

You are a Beautiful Rainbow of Possibilities Scrapbook Layout

I wont bore you with more detailed info and anecdotes about some of the embellies, so if you'd like to read about those, they'll be in my version of this blog post!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Embellish With Flair product used:

Hello My Name Is... Set 2


Butterflies - Red

Citrus Slice

Emoji - Love



 Butterflies - Blue

3 Tone Stars Purples


Love, and Embellish with Flair!

xx Alex

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